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woohooligan Feb 23, 2012
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Inspired by something I read on Reddit the other day: Selling Out.

I honestly think the alternate ending for this strip is a better gag.

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What's on your mind?
Unka John Feb 24, 2012
Unka John We had hipsters back in my day. They just weren't mass culture enough to have a name then.
woohooligan Feb 24, 2012
woohooligan I thought they were called beatnicks. ;P
(Sarcasm)Sad, isn't it, when the marginalized Hipsterism becomes popular enough to go mainstream. How that must break their hearts.
Tony McGurk Nov 30, 2014
Tony McGurk I guess being not mainstream beats getting 100 grand for a crummy old book.
woohooligan Nov 30, 2014
woohooligan Such is some people's rationale, apparently.
What's on your mind?